The Illusion of Pretty Distractions

This photo (above) of one of our amazing beaches was taken just down the road from a house that Hubby and I were trying to build... Isn’t it lovely? The water looks so inviting and I could just sit and reflect on the clean, white sand for hours (wearing an SPF 50+ of course, ‘coz the Aussie sun isn’t so fond of my pale skin!). And why were we trying to build there, of all places? Because it was going to solve all our problems, or rather… Because we were unhappy.

As women of God...

As women of God, we must be switched on to the traps of the world. Sisters, I say this with love - but the world isn’t exactly set up for a Christian gal to thrive. To view this, open any magazine. Tune in to any gossip-filled conversation. Watch any movie. Walk past any men’s locker room…. you’ll see it. Women defined by sex appeal. Compartmentalised, just a series of ‘bits’ to be lusted over, dissected, criticised, obsessed over, fantasised about and edited until they’re just right.

Moving from Lack to Abundance

I defined myself by everything that I thought was wrong with me, wrong with my life. Not good enough. Too much of this and not enough of that. I allowed the shadow of the night to eclipse the morning and in doing so, I failed to see the absolute abundance of blessings in my life… and I also failed to see that every trial, tribulation and challenge (whether ‘real’ or perceived) was a lesson that I needed to learn. None of this suffering or turmoil was wasted in God’s plan for my life, I just didn’t see it at the time.

10 Truths to Learn from Tough Times

Every day may not feel overwhelmingly good, but there’s something good in every day (even if the only good thing is that you got out of bed and ate breakfast, you’re still doing well!). And, every day - even the hardest of days - brings opportunity to learn, do better and improve, lean on God and spotlight where we’ve been going astray. It’s all about finding that silver lining of opportunity and pressing forward in faith, even when all that you see by sight feels hopeless.

Drop The Mask

On top of our makeup lies a front – an exterior projection of how we want the world to see us; a personality layer that we add on top of the true version of ourselves to fit certain situations. Our masks represent the edited and accentuated versions of ourselves, the selves that we prefer to show to others – often concealing the parts of ourselves that we don’t wish to display.

The Comparison Trap

The dangerous thing about comparison is that we don’t even realise how dangerous can be. A bit of comparison can be  a good thing, showing us our progress in relation to other variables. The problem comes when the behaviour of comparison becomes so ingrained in our behaviour that we don’t even realise we’re doing it all the time.

"You've Changed!"

It’s something that most of us have heard at some point in our lives, usually from a former friend or someone who used to be much closer to us than they currently are. Whoever says this to you usually means to imply that they liked the “old” you better. So, now what?